PCM2U Education Courses are structured in a consistent, research-based format utilizing multiple pedagogical concepts such as Understanding by Design, Growth Mindset, and Video and Project-based learning.

Micro credential courses are hot property at the moment they allow staff to engage in CPD in a way that involves them in short sharp bursts of activity that augments their skill set. eLearning has it seems found a purpose and MC’s are big news now at Universities and with the OU as a way to bring some added value to degree courses. We are currently offering a suite of online courses that will assist organizations like yours to offer training and CPD that is specific to each individual and their needs. We can also design and build custom MC’s for your organisation that are 100% tailored to your organizations requirements. If you want to discuss further please let us know and we can take you through the process of designing and rolling out MC’s for your teams. If you would like to access our current catalogue of MC’s we can provide a full list and you can possibly find something that will assist your staff in their future development. Remember that the MC’s can form a part of the employees CPD so extra brownie points gained at future EQA or Awarding Body meetings.

Drones: Remote Pilot Certification Course ( 8 Modules)
Module 1 Introduction to the Drone Remote Pilot Exam
Module 2 Regulations Part 1
Module 3 Regulations Part 2
Module 4 Airspace & Requirements
Module 5 Weather
Module 6 Loading and Performance
Module 7 Operations
Module 8 Drone Careers

(This course prepares students for the FAA Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft General - Small (UAG) Certification Exam)

MC Sample list (Education)

  • Let's Learn Something About Your Experience So Far With Online & Hybrid
  • What You Need To Teach Online: It's More Than a Good Computer
  • 10 Strategies to Create and Use Hybrid, Personalized, or Flipped Learning in Your Classroom
  • What Students Need Most During Distance Learning
  • Introduction to Teaching in Online and Hybrid Classrooms - Fieldwork
  • How to Host Virtual Office Hours
  • Performance-based Assessment for Introduction to Teaching in Online & Hybrid Classrooms
  • Upping the Ante: Developing Critical Thinking Skills with Mobile Learning Activities
  • Getting Started with Project-Based Learning
  • Instructional Design and Lesson Planning for Optimal and Hybrid Education Fieldwork
  • Using Accommodations and Modifications in Online Learning
  • Performance-based Assessment for Instructional Design and Lesson Planning for Online and Hybrid Education
  • Assessment - How Do We Know They're Learning?
  • Assessment and Grading Practices that Enhance Teaching and Learning
  • Creative and Engaging Mobile Assessments for Active Learning